Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage

My husband was given the book The Emotion Code, which taught us that many emotions get stuck in our organs, the source of our emotional baggage and potentially disease. This isn't just spiritual mumbo-jumbo, as scientists now believe that chronic pain is determined by emotions. The more traumatic the emotion, the stronger its effect. Whether or not you realize it, we learn all of our emotional responses from our parents and other people in our environment, so sadly we eventually inherit the same kind of emotional baggage, or just lots in general, depending on how dysfunctional your family is. Luckily there is a very easy way to remove them.

Basically, you pinpoint the exact trapped emotion using muscle testing or dowsing, and then run a magnet along your governor meridian a few times. Yes, it's that simple. The act of consciously acknowledging each traumatic event, releasing them by neutralizing the energy, and confirming it with your own body (because your body doesn't lie, even if your words do), is very effective in freeing yourself from this baggage.

The Govenor Meridian is the invisible line that splits us in half symmetrically.

I've been releasing trapped emotions for several months now, and it has made a world of a difference. I used to get really angry, relive past painful memories every time it was that special time of the month, and all sorts of other random emotional responses. I've been told I'm a pretty balanced person compared to some other women, so I can't imagine how many trapped emotions are inside of people who are a complete mess! Now if I get upset for any reason, I can quickly recognize it as a trapped emotion, release it, and go back to my happy self much faster than ever before. No more blaming other people for my unhappiness, or holding grudges. I don't react with negative emotions nearly as much, which is not the same as stifling your emotions. Hiding your emotions is probably a lot worse than emotional outbursts, otherwise you might get stomach ulcers like I did!

It certainly makes marriage much easier because we can argue without getting too emotional, ha ha! But seriously, my husband and I spend each and every day together, work together, and we never get sick of each other. In fact, it feels better and better, even after an argument. Only last year, we used to argue all the time and it felt like it was getting worse.

Anyway, this is definitely worth a try. Break the cycles. Be the change ;)

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